About Green Fields Overseas Ltd

Founded in 2005, Green Fields Overseas is a biotech company based at the heights of the plateau of Nigeria for production of essential oil, aromatic & medicinal plants. Thanks to its privileged geographical position, Green Fields Farms have developed an expertise from botanical sourcing to the conception of natural ingredients for nutraceuticals, cosmetic and pharmaceutical applications. The competencies in plant sourcing combined with vegetal extraction expertise offers us the ability to deliver the best that nature can provide to meet the challenges of targeted Markets.
We have specific lines for Eye Care capsules, skin and body care, hair care and soon diabetes as well as malaria drugs.
All formulate produce are natural vegetable ingredients, healthy dietary supplements.

Quality and traceability start from the raw material whether is sourcing, extraction. Organically cultivated and sustainable farming is crucial to our finished products.

Green Fields produces a wide range of organic from vegetables, fruits, flowers, roots and seeds. These botanicals are well known for their health benefits and traditional use in healthcare and Wellness applications.
Our methodology to a sustainable and durable farming by supporting the life hood of the local farmer and it environment.

We have always given a particular importance to highest quality of raw materials, through partnerships with local producers or elsewhere


Green Fields Overseas biotech company success story – a rapidly-expanding to bio and natural food product a company with a reputation for high standards, quality products and outstanding client service.
We’re consistently ranked as one of the top performing companies in Africa when it comes to research and innovative products.

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